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Throw me over your shoulder and carry me off to Valhalla you viking goddess.

For anyone who doesn’t know: The name of this adorable ‘viking goddess’ is Samantha Wright

Yes, she might be showing up in the 2016 olympics.

And yes, she is always this cute.

Samantha Wright is an adorable combination of the Hulk and Tinkerbell.

The only post I routinely reblog

She know she cute

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I’ve been so inactive. :(

It’s been tough adjusting to this military wife thing! My husband graduates one of his three schools tomorrow though. I’m so proud of him. :) That’ll also make him a Petty Officer Third Class. I’ve been doing great with losing weight and working out. Just gotta keep motivated and positive.

Today I was benching 95 lbs as my warm up and the guy next to me gave me a nod and said I was “doing work”

I thought he was being sarcastic since I planned, and ended up going to, 135. Then I got off the bench and some girl put 5 lbs on each side…and I realized he was being genuine.

I still feel like a baby again though. :/ I’ll get my 155 bench back…